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What is IT Security & Cyber Security:

Cyber security or information technology security are the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation.

Major areas covered in security are:

Application Security:  


a) Input parameter validation,

b) User/Role Authentication & Authorization,

c) Session management, parameter manipulation

& exception management, and

d) Auditing and logging.


Information Security:       

a) Identification, authentication & authorization of user,

b) Cryptography.



Disaster recovery: 

Disaster recovery planning is a process that includes performing risk assessment, establishing priorities, developing recovery strategies in case of a disaster.

Network Security:  

a) Anti-virus and anti-spyware,

b) Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network,

c) Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats, such as zero-day or zero-hour attacks, and

d) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access.

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Why IT & Cyber Security Should Be the Biggest Concern

Some experts predict that by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things. Cars, planes, homes, cities, and even animals are being connected. We are putting software everywhere. This is changing the way we live and how we behave and interact with the world around us. In today's world, it’s important that technology is available, protected and secure. If not, we will suffer consequences in our daily lives.

7 Predictions on the Future of Internet in India

  1. India to remain the fastest growing internet destination: India’s internet user base has already surpassed the US, and today is second largest after China.

  2. The type of internet users in India is set to change dramatically: 75-80% of new user growth will come from rural areas in the next five years.

  3. Last-mile connectivity to be enabled by government, Telco’s and technology providers: While the Government’s Digital India initiative aims to deploy the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) providing broadband connectivity to cover 250,000-gram panchayats

  4. Businesses and consumers to come online, creating an ecosystem of SMBs and micro-entrepreneurs: Google plans to bring 20 million businesses online by 2017 and train over 2 million Indian developers in Android.

  5. From an Internet Economy to the Internet of Things – marching ahead to connect India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ envisages building 100 smart cities across the country. All of this can be facilitated by leveraging advances in Internet technologies as well as by synergizing with several investments already made in creating technology infrastructure.

  6. Dawn of an era of digital literacy: The goal is to create one ‘e-Literate’ person in every Indian household by 2020.

  7. Role of IT & cyber security to become paramount: The RBI is directing banks to deploy cyber security policies, and cyber crisis management plans. India is also collaborating with the US to develop a complete framework on the India-US cyber relationship. Corporates such as Microsoft and Akamai are also establishing specialized centres to develop machine-learning based detection technologies.

Course Name

(B.Sc. + M.Sc.) IT IMS & Cyber Security 

(5 Year Integrated)

Degree Awarded By

Gujarat University 



12th Pass in any Stream from any Education Board with minimum 50 %

Unique Features

  • Unique mix of hardware and software architectures of various IT devices.

  • Hands-on programming experience on different platforms.

  • Focused on planning, designing, implementing and managing IT Security.

  • Complete package of Information Security management services.

  • A Recognized Master's Degree Certificate along with Exposure to International Certifications.

Course Objective

This course is covering Info security standards which are techniques generally set forth in published materials that attempt to protect the cyber environment of a user or organization. This environment includes users themselves, networks, devices, all software, processes, information in storage or transit, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly or indirectly to networks.


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Different segment Cybersecurity Compnies Information

Market Size

  • It is estimated that the RIM industry will be worth $12.5 Billion by 2015, growing from the current US$ 6 Billion.

  • This estimate means that the work force will increase to about 2, 50,000 from the current 1, 00,000.

  • This means, the RIM Industry will add 40,000 jobs every year.

  • In addition to this, RIM's India Operations and other IT-IMS sectors in India will jobs every year.

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List of Best Cyber Security and Information Security Jobs


  • Cyber Crime Investigator/ Forensic Expert

  • Web Penetration tester

  • Secure web Developer

  • Forensic Analyst

  • Malware analyser

  • Security Scan Contractor

  • Source Code reviewer

  • Server Hardening expert

  • Network Security Engineer

  • Digital Crime Investigator

  • Security Auditor

  • Vulnerability Researcher

  • Deputy of CISO/ Technical Director

  • Security Architect

  • Security tester in Application Development Organization's

  • Security Analyst.

  • Security Engineer.

  • Security Architect.

  • Security Administrator.

  • Security Software Developer

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