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What is Digital Design:

Design is a process of selecting and arranging its elements in a manner where the output has some functional value with aesthetics concern. In our daily life we interact with design in every form. Right from our tooth brush to coffee mug to newspaper to tv programme in the evening, everything is designed.

With the fast changing computerized era these designs have also taken a great leap from conventional to completely digital. Each and every product we interact with is first goes with its design process and then for the production. This design is a technical-aesthetical process which requires a method based study to understand the same. As the process of design become completely digital, we call it DIIGTAL DESIGN.

The digital design empowers its creator to reach people on larger and a speedy platform which differentiate itself hugely from its conventional methods.

What’s the difference between a Digital Designer and Graphic Designer?

While the fundamental skills and concepts of design are applied within each discipline, sometimes overlapping, the need for traditional graphic designers often lack the digital skills required for jobs that include UX and UI.

What is User Experience or UX/UI? As online platforms and content become more complex there is still a fundamental question that Digital Designers need to ask, ‘will the user be able to navigate and understand what they’re viewing
Why are there more jobs for Digital Designers than Graphic Designers?

The short answer is that we’ve cemented ourselves as a digital society with high expectations of well-designed and functional content for the end user. The longer answer is that designing for digital is only a new phenomenon in the past two decades with consumer demand growing tremendously over the past few years.

Consuming content is becoming easier as the price of data lowers, Wi-Fi infrastructure and battery life increases, and design makes on-the-go consumption easier to navigate. There’s no sign of slowing down! Designers will need to meet the challenges of new technology coming into play such as virtual reality, more tech within the internet of things, and more savvy audiences.

Course Name

(B.Sc. + M.Sc.) Digital Design

5 Years Integrated

Degree Awarded By

Gujarat University


12th Pass in any Stream from any Education Board with minimum 50 %

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to make students aware about the process and production method of different designs be it’s a painting, sculpture or commercial art. Whereas creating an atmosphere to harmonize surrounding and society


Students should become proficient at communicating their ideas and expressing their vision through digital technology which will give them that much-needed edge when applying for work in the highly competitive but fascinating world of digital design.

Unique Features & The Curriculum

It’s a Degree wholly designed for digital output where you’ll be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and expertise to adapt to these changes, giving you competitive edge for an extraordinary future. You will learn:

Ready to Shoot
Web Design Portfolio
Person Coloring in Anime
Fun Composition
Rolled Magazines
Being Creative
Abstract Water Colors

Illustration, Photography & Video Production

Markup & Scripting Languages


Design Principles &




Composition /


Print Fundamentals



Digital Skills

Digital Designer Job Functions

The primary task of a digital designer is to apply graphic-design principles to solve a digital graphic communication need. Digital designers work with both manual and computer tools. They may sketch out several ideas before creating 3-D models with computer software. Those who create complex animations or designs for TV and film often work with computer programmers to complete the project.

Digital designers must be familiar with the technology of the areas in which they work, whether it's HTML coding for Web pages or 3-D animation software for creating games, movies, or special effects.

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What is the job outlook for digital designers?

Digital media is a part of everyday life in our technology-driven world. Consumers want more realistic video games, increasingly impressive special effects and trendsetting website designs. Combine this with the ever-increasing need for mobile device graphics, and digital designers can expect a positive job outlook in the near future.


Digital designers may work in:

  • Web design

  • Animation

  • Video game design

  • Graphic design

  • Special effects

  • Advertising

  • Video production

  • Educational software

Job Roles in Digital Design

Digital Designer

UX/UI Designer

Digital Product Designer Specialist

Digital Media Creator


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